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原文出自 的「今日問答 (Question and Answer of the Day)」專欄。今天的主題是《How does CPI data affect a currency?》,特別記錄下來供日後參考。

How does CPI data affect a currency?

消費者物價指數 (CPI:Consumer Price Index) 資料會以什麼方式影響貨幣?

Generally speaking, CPI data measures inflation in an economy. When inflation gets too high in a country, the Central bank may increase interest rates in order to ensure price stability. This may cause the currency to rise in value as the additional interest received makes the currency more desirable.

一般來說,CPI 資料可測量經濟的通貨膨脹。如果一國的通貨膨脹太嚴重,央行為確保物價穩定,可能會因此調升利率。因為額外增加的利息會讓人更想要持有貨幣,所以調升利率可能會導致貨幣價值上升。